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Richard E
Dear Dr. Adam Fisher, Karen, & Chantey, Thank you for the kind of dental care and treatment one could only be grateful for. Having that gratitude, I'd like to share my thoughts about each of you below: Dr. Adam Fisher: A young, bright, and skillfully talented oral surgeon who loves with passion what he does with glee. With grace and seeming ease, he tackles very difficult dental procedures that some in the field would cringe at the thought to tackle. He has that simple, down to earth boy next door (with his faithful dog) look, but is a towering, extraordinary professional hero at work to be envied and admired. Karen: As with fine wine, nineteen years of dedicated dental experiences has made this loving, caring, compassionate soul, better and better with age. As a patient, it was truly-truly comforting having her by my side, as I'm sure the dentists whom she has worked with felt as well. Chantey: Coming from a family of teachers, principals, and educators she too, strongly is involved with helping and caring for others, albeit in the dental field. Wouldn't it be great if all families produced such loving, productive souls that dedicated their lives in helping others to get better? TLC is blessed to have employed this team and I as their patient, have been blessed to have been under their dental care.
Rutha Pierre-Louis
I would like to share with you that your dental hygienist, Monsell, has been taking care of our family in particular myself and my husband.Monsell is very sweet and gentle and treats us with compassion and she cares for every one of her patients. I feel that she is very good to every patient that comes to see her as well as to her coworkers. I would like to share that Monsell has been a blessing to my life and everyone that she takes care of. I hope you do something about that!
Milan Piric
I had a major emergency on Saturday. My brother in law developed a m...ajor tooth ache and it could not wait till Monday. I called TLC Dental and a very nice person answered the phone. They were not open but had a training day and so they took us in any way. The entire staff was very professional and caring. When we left that office we had a solution to our problem with a follow up visit and were able to proceed with our week end with no problems. Thank you very much to the entire TLC team. Great save.
Olga E. Henry
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Caitlin B. Ferguson. D M D and her wonderful staff from the Coral Springs office. I was treated with love, respect, and kindness from everyone involved. The facility was spotless and everyone had a smile on their face. It shows that they enjoy what they are doing. I deeply appreciate the manner in which I was treated. My heartfelt thanks to everyone at TLC Dental.
Richard Schwartz
I had my teeth cleaned at the North Lauderdale office by Kate, she was very thorough, explained the condition of my teeth and gums and the course of treatment. I then met with Dr. De Leon who went into more detail and specifics. Linda at the front desk promptly provided a treatment plan to me showing my net cost after insurance payment as I was leaving Dr. De Leon's examination,scheduled my next appointment, all very well organized. I had previously gone to the same dentist for 25 years and did not receive this measure of up-to-date equipment and time taken to explain required treatment. I have gone to the other two TLC offices and found the same patient concern from all TLC staff and doctors. I highly recommend them.
Nancy Brenner
TLC Dental- Dr. Jennifer Sorroza-Taylor! She is located at 2 locations she splits during the week. She's terrific the staff was terrific. Our insurance coverage seemed better for some reason than with Weinberg and most importantly you know up from what you will be responsible for and what insurance will cover up front. Michele Kiner has been going to her for awhile and referred me-that's 2 of us with pretty high standards that give a thumbs up.
Kate McClare
I have had a lot of dentists, and your practice is the best! Everyone is warm and friendly, the hygienists show genuine interest in my dental health, and your doctors do excellent work.
Joann Dolce
They calmed my anxiety right down using the correct resources they had, explained everything as they went along, even before they went along. They explained, I said OK, they did it. Wonderful and nice people. Painless dentistry.
Vondelyn Allen
I have been a patient of TLC's for a number of years and they always exceed my expectations.
Tobin Silver
My teeth have never been shinier.